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The Bucks hatten sich längst wegen Abgang ihres Drummers aufgelöst, dienten als gute Erinnerung und lieferten den Erzählstoff für alte Rock’n’Roll Stories. Der Übungsraum war vom Vermieter gekündigt worden - mit dem langweiligen Argument, ein neu eingezogener Architekt (oder wars ein Apotheker? jedenfalls was mit A) würde den Raum benötigen.

Nach zwei Jahren der Neuorientierung wer? wie? wo? was? und dem „Inselhüpfen“ durch einige Gastauftritte in Züri-Town sagten sich Rams und Philip Zeman, dass es dies noch nicht gewesen sein kann. Man fand den Drummer durch einen interessanten Zufall an einem Schulelternabend. Eben nicht durch den berühmten Zettel am Pinboard des Musikladens. Ja, man trifft sich oder man trifft sich nicht. Man hat sich nicht gesucht, man wurde gefunden. So war man mit Pidi Leuenberger als Trio wieder am Start. Und so fühlte man sich plötzlich wieder wie 17: „Hey Jungs - wir haben eine Band und sind auf der Suche nach einem Proberaum!“ Ha, man glaubts nicht!

Rock or Punk hin oder her, zum Rocken braucht‘s Gitarren, Trommeln und Bässe – zum Rollen so was wie Räder.

Besagtes will man selbstverständlich nicht neu erfinden – wozu auch?

Aber nach R-A-M-S solls klingen -  nach R-A-M-S und überhaupt nix anderem!

Die Band bietet live neu geschriebene Songs des Albums „Beaten Up Dogs Don’t Dance“, nebst einigen aus altem Repertoire, die dann auch die Aufgabe des Erzählens früherer Geschichten erfüllen.



R-A-M-S "Beaten up dogs don't dance"

 The curtain call had long been taken, the applause soaked up and handshakes shaken, "The Bucks" were but for some fond memories and hair-raising rock'n'roll stories confined to history and so be it. So long and thanks for all the fish.

After two years of sulking in corners, mulling over the past, after all the questions like who, why, where and what the fuck, had been asked and asked again, Rams and guitarist Philip Zeman decided  that this just couldn't've been all and that they needed a drummer.

And if they found one without searching they'd take it as a sign and start all over.

And so it was, with Pidi Leuenberger (ex-Hellmute) ready and willing, the three punketeers were in for another round.

It felt like being 17 again: "Hey guys we got a band and are looking for a rehearsel space. Pinch me, I must be dreaming!"

If you are Rams you don't have to go right back to the start again. But it is of the upmost importance that this whole venture wasn't steeped in nostalgia. And true to his belief, new songs only get infused with soul when trashed out live on stage. So they took their time, played some small, some big and some even smaller shows until the whole she-bang had ripened and matured and was ready to be hammered out with Deezl Imhof at the Foolpark Studios.

Rock or Punk, Punkrock or rock-n-punking-roll, well the devil may care, but to be able to rock you needed guitars, bass and drums, and to roll you need wheels, and they weren't about to make the mistake of thinking they had to invent anything new.

It just had to sound like R-A-M-S and nothing but R-A-M-S.

Judging by the title "Beaten up dogs don't dance" you can guess that Rams' lyrics still aren't about lovey-dovey, kissey-wissey or about the fun, funnier bullshit, but to call the sound dark or bleak would be missing the mark altogether as well.

Besides the title track, and other killers like „What Kinda Language Do You Speak?“, „Change The Team“, „Easy Taker“ there are some surprising slower numbers like „Ain’t Good Enough, Ain’t Bad Enough“. Also, and maybe this is meant as a hommage to the founding fathers of punk rock, there is a cover of the Aussie band The Saints "Private Affair". To quote Rams: "The lyrics still ring true today as they did in 1977".

On the up-coming tour R-A-M-S will play -apart from the new songs from the album "Beaten dogs don't dance" - quite a few old "Bucks" songs as well, not just to give the people what they want but to continue in laying the foundation of more hair-raising rock'n'roll stories.



Album Release: 31.August 2014, CD and Vinyl

Single Release: 27.June 2014 Download available at

Name: R-A-M-S

Line Up:

Rams - Vocals, Bass

Philip Zeman - Guitar, Vocals

Pidi  - Drums, Vocals


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